Hi there. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, Honey & Sage. Here you will find my stories, thoughts and musings and the delicious food that accompanies them. I believe that food is a connector, a conversation starter, a relationship builder. Nothing compares to the simple, pure joy that results from indulging in a wholesome meal surrounded by good company. Here, I aim to express my love and gratitude for those I love through the food we enjoy.

I'm Stephanie (or Steph. Or Stephie. Or Steph-honey or Steph Rose if you're my friend. Whatever you choose is fine). I'm a reader, a self proclaimed writer, an amateur baker and wine drinker extraordinaire. I graduated from Sonoma State University in 2010 with a BA in Literature and a humbled sense of writing talent. I am just now beginning to try my hand at penning something that isn't a term paper fueled by sleepless nights and coffee. Bear with me... Honey & Sage is my way of chronicling my journeys and stories through the food I love. I began my love affair with the kitchen when I was only 5 years old, learning to knead the dough for my Grammy's famous apple pie on the checkerboard tablecloth on her little kitchen table. Since then, I have worked in a bakery, served in two restaurants, helped opened a third and managed a French Cafe in San Francisco all before the age of 23. Now, my life is a little different, a little slowed, a little more peaceful. I spend my days as a glorified secretary for a nonprofit in Silicon Valley. By night, I am a modern June Cleaver in training all while holding hands, laughing and loving my wonderfully sweet, supportive and incredibly caring soon-to-be husband (and our little fat cat George).

Grab a glass of wine and join me on my (mis)adventures in the kitchen and garden. Let's cook, grow and love, sweetly.

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